A new generation of Industrial Design

We are a young brand, born a few years ago. We design and develop products by integrating all design branches. Our main objective is to design objects that improves costumers daily life. We want to create experiences, so that way we can build a bound between users and our products.

Close to our people

We believe that our designs should help improve our customers lives. Not only that, we think industrial design should be accessible to everyone, not just a select few. So you can find us in many bazaars around Toluca

Everyday design.

Our designs are made to be used all days. We think industrial design should improve your way of life, so there's no reason to create designs you don't use everyday. We're sure you'll use them everyday!!!

Design as you want it!

You should be able to decide about your design. Thus we can offer custom design, the perfect way to make something unique, something for you as you want it.